Gallery of Explorers 3rd Day

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Third day of Explorers

Today’s participants were Bjorn, Nolan, Berg, Alden, Tristian, and Tate. List of runs Sleepy Hollow –> Freeway KC Cutoff –> Pinball Short ‘n’ Sweet –> Pinball Divide Drifts –> Picante Trees Divide Drifts –> Picante Trees Garfield Trees –> Sleepy Hollow –> Pinball High Anxiety Turbo –> Pinball –> Tilt Christmas Tree –> Little Joe […]

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Pow and rippin Big Mountain!

Main focus today was ankle flexion and extension. Main reason is to ski more up right and stacked. In these images we are looking at some stances. Some are standing taller than others. We played with “bouncy” ankles, doing it fast, doing it slow. Played with adjusting ankles to make the skis land flat on […]

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Mateo, Lennon, Sam, Jack, Dean

These guys love to ski. We had a blast today finding all kinds of interesting terrain to play in. We skied some black diamond runs like Tango, Tango, and Christmas Tree. We found lots of paths through trees, branches to duck, and multiple rides through “Pinball.” Lots of fun making turns on top of big […]

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