Big Mountain Men — Day 7

Present today was Jack, Sam, Lennon, and Mateo!

Aside from Town Challenge Race day we’re working on some stance improvements. We talked about where our hands and poles should be at the end of a turn. The arms and hands are a great indicator of how we are stacked above our base of support during the different phases of our turns. In these next photos we are experimenting with trying to get into the perfect stance that we would be in at the end of a turn. Our main focus was to simply have our downhill pole just about to touch the snow at the end of our turns. Standing in one place and waiting for the others to pose and try to get into the correct stance was a challenge, but these photos tell us a lot. Most importantly it made aware of how we can move to be in better balance over our skis by noticing where are hands and arms are during our turns. Ideally, our outside pole is swinging and reaching toward the next turn as we near the end of the previous turn. Our inside (uphill) arm and shoulder should also be oriented toward the direction we are traveling.

Some exercises we played with were standing in one spot across the hill on a little steepness and try to get into the stance, doing hockey stops with a pole swing, doing hockey stops and spraying lots of snow into the air and then skiing through it, and practicing doing a perfect stop below the group with a pole swing. Overall these improved our understanding and gave us something to practice while we skied lots of miles today.

List of Runs We Skied

  1. KC Cutoff > Pinball > Tilt
  2. Kanonan > Trail of Death > Lower No Name
  3. Tango > MRT Practice Race course on Liberty
  4. Romp > MRT Practice Race course on Liberty
  5. Upper Christmas Tree > B-Line
  6. Short and Sweet > Pinball > Tilt
  7. Side slip race course
  8. Side slip race course
  9. Race (I’m working on getting videos posted here)
  10. Race
  11. Tango > Gunbarrel
  12. Upper > Pinball > Freeway
  13. Sleepy Hollow Trees > Pinball > Tilt > 360’s on lower Little Joe


started Feb 17, 2017, 9:37 AM
activity Downhill Ski
run time 5:08:21
distance 20.01 miles
average speed 3.89 mph
fastest speed 36.40 mph
ascent 10610
descent 9795
calories 2490
temperature 28°F
humdity 54%
wind 16 mph W
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Here we are at the top of Gunbarrel.
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Pow and rippin Big Mountain!

Main focus today was ankle flexion and extension. Main reason is to ski more up right and stacked. In these images we are looking at some stances. Some are standing taller than others. We played with “bouncy” ankles, doing it fast, doing it slow. Played with adjusting ankles to make the skis land flat on […]

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Mateo, Lennon, Sam, Jack, Dean

These guys love to ski. We had a blast today finding all kinds of interesting terrain to play in. We skied some black diamond runs like Tango, Tango, and Christmas Tree. We found lots of paths through trees, branches to duck, and multiple rides through “Pinball.” Lots of fun making turns on top of big […]

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