Last Day of 2017 Explorers with Tate, Nolan, Tristan and Bjorn


Last day of @monarchmountain Explorers 2017. This is our group, Rick’s Rippers: Tate, me, Nolan, Tristan, and Bjorn. Thanks for the great times over the last 6 Saturdays. We skied more than 120 miles, descended more than 60,000 vertical (more than twice the height of Mt. Everest), jumped, banked, hopped, carved, skidded, and hit more terrain, runs, tree gaps, lips, drifts, and drops, than we can count. Truly enjoyed the times. Hope to ski with these great young people again. Thanks to Monarch Image Makers Monarch Image Makers for taking this shot. ( 2-11-17 332)


started Feb 11, 2017, 9:31 AM
activity Downhill Ski
run time 5:15:01
distance 19.23 miles
average speed 3.66 mph
fastest speed 29.47 mph
ascent 8858
descent 8839
calories 2591
temperature 30°F
humidity 64%
wind 33 mph WSW

Runs we skied

  1. KC Cut Off > Pinball 
  2. Pioneer Upper Lift Line > Tango > North Forty > Sidewinder
  3. Kanonan > Ajax/Cleanser
  4. Christmas Tree > Glade > Tilt
  5. B-Line (playing with “good” stops)
  6. Sheer-Rock-O > Tilt
  7. Divide Drifts > Old Power Line (secret stash)
  8. Turbo Trees > Pinball > Tilt
  9. Curecanti > Sidewinder Trees
  10. Lobo > Examiner
  11. Sleepy Hollow Trees > Pinball > Tilt
  12. Ramble On > Never Summer

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