Big Mountain Men: Jack, Mateo, Lennon, Sam Day 6

Great day for skiing and racing with great friends. So glad to get to ski with these young men.

We’re still playing with how we balance along the length of our skis. Playing with the fact that our skis go faster if we pressure the tails of our skis but we loose a certain amount of control. When we pressure the front of our skis we get more control. The trick is to find the balance right over the sweet spot right in the middle of the length of our skis. We get there by moving our feet forward or backwards underneath our bodies with our ankles and legs.

Runs we skied today

  1. Upper Pinball > Sleepy Hollow > Pinball > Tilt
  2. Sleepy Hollow Trees > Pinball > Tilt
  3. Upper Tango > Lower Tango
  4. Tango > MRT Practice Race Course on Liberty > Kanonen > TOD > Lower No Name
  5. Christmas Tree >  Skier’s Left Freeway
  6. Christmas Tree > Lower No Name 
  7. Upper Pinball > Pinball 
  8. Slip the red course 
  9. Slip the blue course
  10. Race
  11. Race
  12. Sleepy Hollow > Little Joe 
  13. Curricanti > Telly Alley
  14. Sleepy Hollow > Pinball 

Today’s Statistics

started Feb 10, 2017, 9:05 AM
activity Downhill Ski
run time 6:16:20
distance 23.40 miles
average speed 3.73 mph
fastest speed 29.97 mph
ascent 10859
descent 10971
calories 3073
temperature 34°F
humidity 69%
wind 40 mph W




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