Day 5 for Mateo, Jack, Sam, and Lennon Big Mountain Men

Aside from racing and avalanche education, our focus today was fore and aft pressure. We quantified the amount that our ankles were open or closed, which affects the pressure under the length of our skis.

  • With ankles completely open, with our feet pushed forward, our balance is over the back of our skis and it feels like we are pushed against the back of our boots as hard as we can. We labeled this “5.”
  • Pulling our feet a to the next notch back we labeled “4.”
  • With our balance right over the center of our feet, or the arches of our feet we labeled “3.”
  • Pulling our feet back to the next notch, feeling like we are balanced over the balls of our feet is a “2.”
  • Pulling our feet way back under our bodies to as far back as we can we feel like our shins are pushed against the very front of our boots, we labeled a “1.”

[look for stick figure images or illustrations of balance along the length of the skis from tip to tail showing upper body in same stance in all 5 examples while feet are more forward or more back from center]

Then we tried various experiments being on a 5 or on a 1 or being more on 3. Where we land from jumps, where is it best doing 360s, where between 5 and 1 is going to make us faster in the race course. The conclusion we came to is that we can get our skis to do different things by adjusting to what degree we are over the front or back of our feet. At this point most of us ski at about a 4 or 5 most of the time. But, now that we are aware, we are doing things to figure out how to balance along the length of our skis from one extreme to another: the front of the ski, the middle of the ski, or the back of the ski.

Racing was awesome, very exciting and adrenalin pumping. I’m told a few of us are going faster than comparable lemon heads. Woo hoo! Can’t wait to see the times. We should be able to see them on

We also spent some time during lunch to see a presentation on avalanche safety. It was interesting, and we learned a lot about being safe in the back country and why we should never cut under ropes at the area.

Today’s Stats

started Feb 3, 2017, 9:46 AM
activity Downhill Ski
run time 5:30:21
distance 18.29 miles
average speed 3.32 mph
fastest speed 31.61 mph
ascent 8799
descent 8704
calories 2524
temperature 25°F
humidity 68%
wind 28 mph WSW


Runs we skied

  1. Sleepy Hollow > Tender Foot
  2. Turbo > Pinball > Tilt
  3. Ramble On > Never Summer Geno’s Meadow Natural half pipe
  4. Pioneer Lift Line > Tango
  5. Practice in the Monarch Race Team’s practice course
  6. Indoor class on Avalanches
  7. Slipped and inspected the TC red course
  8. Slipped and inspected the TC blue course
  9. Raced the TC course
  10. Raced the TC course
  11. Kanonan > Trail of Death > Lower Noname
  12. Christmas Tree > Freeway

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